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November council minutes and December agenda

Read the Nov. 13 council minutes and find out about budget, maintenance, new equipment, streets, culverts, side-boom mowing, and other town business. Take a gander at the Dec. 11 agenda and see about last-call input to the 2019 budget, property sales and information about the opiod addication problem.

October minutes and November agenda now available

In the October council meeting members decided to keep the water bill late fees and late fee structure as is. Looks like it was not "broke" and did not need to be fixed. On tap for the November 13 meeting are the budget, election results, town inventory additions and an executive session for personnel matters. See you in December.

October agenda and September minutes posted

At the town council meeting on Sept. 11, the council approved a two-year contract with Mickey Parker to oversee the work of David Culp, his replacement. David has to have two years experience on the job before he can take the class one operator test. The town also agreed to sell some unused sewer pipe to Mr. Hill and Mr. Kelly for $1,000. There was also a lengthy discussion on late fees for past due water bills. Click here to see the Sept. minutes. Click here to see the October agenda.

Town council July minutes and August agenda

The town council met on July 10 and heard updated information from the mayor regarding proper procedures to be taken in condemnation and/or clean-up of properties needing these actions. She also reported what progress has been made on repairs to the tram road. The county judge sent two men to walk and evalutate what repairs are needed. This information will provide the basis of a plan to present to the governor for hims to consider providng help for this project. See the July minutes.
For new business, Felsenthal Assitant Bookkepper, Martha Lancster attended a meeting in the county judge's office regarding new voting machines for Union County. There was a report that a sewer line had broken, that, thank goodness, was not broken. Financial reports for June 2018 were heard and approved. See the July minutes.
On the August agenda are results of a meeting with the city attorney and results, an issue with the city's Simmons Bank credit card - and a new one issued, a new metal building, and continuing efforts on the Tram Road improvement project.
Also a violation with ADH and corrective measures, wastewater issues, water bill penalties and a AHTD request and reponse. Stay tuned. See the August agenda.

June council minutes and July agenda. See 'em here.

In the June meeting, for old business, the council touch touched on the water quality report, clean-up and condemnation and a request to the governor for funds to help improve the traam road. New business included publication of the 2017 water quality report, sale of the town's partial property on 1st Sreet, removing our damaged building and Councilman Eads announcemen that he will not run for re-election. See the minutes here.
On tap for the July meeting more on properties needing condemnation and/or cleanup, more on the Tram Road improvements, a reported break in the sewer line that really wasn't and due dates for petitions for candidates for public office. See the agenda here.

May council minutes and June agenda

There were discussions in the May miutes about moving pulpwood from a lot in the city — with attendant concerns about street damage. The council also heard about selling some property. Click here for the whole story. For the June meeting, the saga of small town America in LA (lower Arkansas) continues, to wit: Discussion of old business including properties that need to be cleaned or condemned and a letter to the govenor. New business includes a city street program questionnaire, a lease on some property and Mr. Buddy Kinney becoming our "Water Operator in Responsible Charge." Get more details here.

Annual Drinking Water Report now available

The 2017 Annual Water Quality Report for the Felsenthal Water Association is now available. Click here to view or download your own copy.

Minutes from Feb. 13 council meeting and March agenda

The February council meeting included news the town's loan is paid off — and the saga of the chip truck continues. Long time employee Mickey Parker is leaving and new employee David Culp is coming on board. Mickey's official "leave date" is in May, but he will work part-time with David until October when David will be full time. See the February minutes here — and the March agenda here.

See minutes from the Jan. council meeting and the Feb. agenda

The January meeting was routine business. Click for the January minutes. The Februrary 13 council meeting agenda includes old business of the office floor, the chip wood truck investigation and the new building among others. New business up for discussion includes tires for the truck, metal for the shop front, a new employee and other town business.

Nov. council minutes, Dec. agenda and proposed ATV safety ordinance now available

The minutes from the Nov. 14 Felsenthal Town Council meeting are now available. The agenda for the Dec. 12 meeting is also available. The biggest item on the agenda is the proposed ATV safety ordinance, which will place restrictions on the use of ATVs and other off-road vehicles in the town limits of Felsenthal.

Oct. minutes and Nov. agenda for all to see

Minutes from the Oct. 10 Felsenethall Town Council meeting are ready for you to see. Click here to see your council taking care of business. See the agenda for the Nov. 14 meeting and get in on what's up for discussion and voting. It's the American waay. Click here.

Sept. minutes and Oct. 10 council agenda

In the Sept. minutes, check out a rough proposal for ATV safety, town insurance, reimbursement for expenses incurred by employes and elected officials while on town business. On the Oct. agenda, coming up are more discussions on ATV safety, internet uograde and removing and adding to town inventory. It's not going to win a Pulitizer prize, but it's what's going on here in our home town.

July council minutes, Aug. agenda now available

In the July minutes read about speed bumps, four wheelers and more. In the August agenda, you'll read about the the return of the speed bumps, about a town sign, and about cleaning and painting the water tank. And more.

May minutes now posted

Read and learn about signs, dumpsters, painting the water tank, and a couple of proposed ordinances. Click here and see it all.

Annual Drinking Water Report now available

The Felsenthal Water Association 2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available. Click here to read or download a copy of the report.

January 10 minutes and February 14 council agenda posted for your review and reading pleasure

Check out what transpired at the January town council meeting and see what's coming up during the February 14 council meeting. It's probably lacks the drama of the 6:00 news, but is truthful and much closer to home. Please note, the February meeting starts at 3 p.m. instead of 4 p.m.

Dec. 13 council minutes and Jan. 10 council meeting agenda posted

Mainly budget issues and first-of-the-year business for Jan, 10, click here to see for yourself. If you missed the speed bumps other local discussions last month, check out the Dec. 13 minutes here.

Nov. 15 council minutes and Dec. 13 council meeting agenda posted

Read about discussions on speed bumps, property condemnation, a grant application, legislation results and financial reports. It's what's happening in Felsenthal. Click for the Nov. minutes and the Dec. agenda.

October 11 council minutes posted - new water/sewer policy announced

The Felsenthal Town Counicil met October 11. Among other items of town business transacted, the council announced a new water/sewer hookup policy.

September 13 council minutes and October 11 council agenda posted

Amidst the trials and turmoils of the 2016 POTUS election, the town of Felsenthal calmly pursues its business and reports same to its citizenry. See minutes of the Felsenthal Sept. 13 meeting here. See what's coming up at the Oct. 11 council meeting here.

July 2016 council minutes August 9 agenda posted

The minutes for the July 2016 Felsenthal Town Council meeting are now available here. The minutes note that our sewer system is in compliance with ADEQ regulations — and other information. The agenda for the August 9 town council meeting is also available, click here.

June 2016 council minutes and July agenda posted

Minutes for the June 14, 2016 Felsenthal town council are available for your review, click here to take a gander. Find out what's coming up at the July 12 council meeting. Click here and take a glance.

Updated Water and Sewer agreements uploaded and available

The new water and sewer agreements are available for download now. For a hookup to an existing meter, click here. For new water and sewer service, click here.

May 2016 council minutes and June 2014 council agenda posted

Minutes for the May 10, 2016 Felsenthal town council are available for your review, click here to take a gander. Find out what's coming up at the June 14 council meeting. Click here and take a glance.

Annual Drinking Water Report now available

The Felsenthal Water Association 2015 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available. Click here to download a copy of the report.

April town council agenda and March minutes posted

The agenda for the April Felsenthal Town Council meeting and the minutes of the March meeting are now posted.

February town council agenda and January minutes posted

See what transpired at the January 2016 Felsenthal Town Council meeting and what you can expect at the February meeting on Tuesdsay the 9th.

Consolidated Felsenthal 2015 financial report posted

Check out how and where the funds of Felsenthal were spent and managed. Unlike a logt of big cities, some counties, and even some states, our financial affairs are in order. Click the financial report to take a gander.

December 8 agenda and November 10 town council minutes posted

Find out what's coming up at the next town council meeting. See what went on at the last meeting. The golf cart is fixed. The Christmas gatheirng is on as usual and folks are still trying to reverse closing of the east access Beryl Anthony WMA ATV trails reversed. And there's more. Click here to see the minutes. Click here to see the December 8 agenda.

felsenthal town hall
The Felsental Town Hall.

We are Felsenthal, Arkansas, next door to the Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge — covering 65,000 acres in Ashley, Bradley and Union Counties in south Arkansas. Grand Marais Lake  is in our back yard.

Felsenthal NWR is the world's largest green-tree reservoir. The Refuge offers hiking trails, fishing, wildlife observation photography, hunting, including youth hunts, environmental education and interpretation, and camping. Click here for Felsenthal NWR fact sheet.

For our visitors and friends: Find out about how much fun you can have here, about our history, our outdoor sports and our events. We are a friendly Southern town and love company. Y'all come.

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