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Council to mull over U Alley, new bank account and Corona Virus recover funds

At 4:30 pm Tuesday, Sept 14, the Felsenthal Town Council will consider a resolution to vacate U Alley, opening a new bank account to recieve Corona Virus funds which will be used for floor repairs in city offices, and other town business. In case you missed the August meeting, the council discussed a delay in Tram Road repair, U Alley, possible infrastructure money from Uncle Sam and additional security for this web site. While all of this is not as exciting as catching a mess of fat bream, it is an essential connection for well-informed citizenry.

Tramroad, computers, covid money on the agenda for Aug. 10 council meeting

The Felsenthal Town Council will discuss the tramroad repair, hear about new computers being installed and talk about how to spend the COVID money, and other issues at the Aug. 10 council meeting. During the July meeting the council, after doing due-diligence and discovering a less-than-the-best track record, recommended against using the NLC service line program.

July agenda and June minutes ready to review

"Breamfest was a huge success," according to observations made in the June 8 meeting of the Felsenthal Town Council. "The weather was the best anyone can remember for this festival.  Excellent turn out and lots of really good fun and food." On the agenda for the July 13 meeting are discussions on the Tram Road repair, a resolution for fixed assets adjustments, the NLC Service Line program and ARPA potenial COVID-19 money for Felsenthal.

2021 Annual Drinking Water Report now available

The Felsenthal Water Association 2020 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report from the Arkansas Department of Health is now available.

Your Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is available at www.healthy.arkansas.gov/eng/ccr/545.pdf Copies are available upon request from our office.

May council minutes and June agenda ready to read

Updates on Breamfest (May 28 and 29), the Tramroad and a resolution on fixed assets adjustments comprise the old business items on the June 8 town council meeting. New items include a potential grant money, APRA Covid money and CCR reports now available as hard copies. Want to know what went down in the May meeting? Click here. Come to the town hall at 4:30 p.m. and join the fun.

May council meeting and April meeting minutes

The Felsenthal Town Council will discuss the sewer pump and progress in that department, will hear an updates on Breamfest (May 28 and 29), and an update on the Tram Road during their upcoming May meeting. The mayor asked the Corps of Engineers about plans to rebuild the pavilion. They say they planned to rebuild it but gave no details. During the April meeting, David Culp, Felsenthal publics works superintendent update the council on bids for sewer pumps.

April agenda and March minutes

Upcoming for discussion and/or action in the April 13, 2021 meeting agenda of the Felsenthal Town Council will be: a letter supporting a rebuild of the pavilion, and results; the sewer pump and progress, breamfest updates and a Tram Road update. Discussions shown in the minutes of the March 9, 2021 council meeting included snow storm damage around the town, problems with our water pumps during cold weather, the aforementioned letter and Tram Road and financial reports. There you have it, small town business, USA.

February minutes and March agenda

According to the February, 2021 council minutes, discussions included overheard gunshots, replacing station one lift pumps, paying for the new pumps, and the monthly financial reports were approved. Coming in the March agenda are: sewer pump progress and needs for the same, weather damage around town, water pump issues during bad weather, '21 Breamfest or not and a resolution to delete the old pump from inventory and enter the new pump. The meeting will be at 4:30 pm on Tuesday, March 9.

February council agenda and January minutes

The Felsenthal Town Council will meet at 4:30 p.m. Feb. 9 to conduct the town's business. On the agenda for discussion are reports of guns and shots fired, and the lift pumps at Station 2 which need to be replaced. They'll read the minutes from the January meeting in which gunshots were discussed along with town finances, insurance and the lift pumps at station one.

December council minutes and January agenda

Felsenthal Town Council members addressed a number of issues on it Dec. 15 meeting including: limb cutting, a culvert problem, the working budget, asking for a grant, an alley closing, getting regular state trooper visits and a misbehaving dog. See the December minutes for details. The Jan. 12 agenda promises fewer issues including: the dog again plus brandishing weapons, insurance rates, pump bearings, financial reports, and the budget.

October minutes, November agenda on-line

The agenda for the Nov. 10 meeting of the Felsenthal Town Council is now available on-line. Resurfacing, limb cutting, insurance renewal, COLA increases, other budget issues and the October financials are on tap for discussion. Also find the minutes for the Oct. 13 meeting, State Trooper help, work schedules and ballot issue review caps it off.

Oct. 13 council agenda and Sept. minutes available

The Felsenthal Town Council will meet Oct. 13 and consider speed enforcement, the state audit report, personnel mattes and limbs endangering the town hall according the council agenda. If you happen to be curious as to what went on in the Sept. meeting, it is no secret. Feel free to check the minutes.

July council minutes and August agenda now on-line

In the August 2020 Felsenthal Town Council meeting, members will discuss, old business: the water system, speed bumps, and disaster preparednessd, petitions and the unemployment insurance scam. See the August agenda here. See the July minutes here.

2020 Annual Drinking Water Report now available

The Felsenthal Water Association 2020 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report from the Arkansas Department of Health is now available. Click here to read or download a copy of the report - or drop by the town hall for a hard copy.

Council meeting set for Tuesday, June 9, 4:30 pm, agenda and May minutes on-line

June 9, the Felsenthal Town Council will hear updates on the water tower, and citizen comments on speed bumps. See the meeting agenda here. Discussed in the minutes for the May council meeting were the 2020 Breamfest cancellation, ADH notices with deficiencies and/or recommendadtion from the recent sanitary survey, water tower progress, and resolutions regarding new and old office equipment. See the May meeting minutes here.

The bloomin' minutes for February and agenda for the March council meeting await you on-line

Check out the agenda for the March 10 Felsenthal Town Council meeting. You'll see that info on the 2020 Breamfest, sewer and water audits, grant money for our streets and some new culverts will be discussed. If you happen to be curious about what happened at the February council meeting, check out the minutes.

2019 final and 2020 proposed Felsenthal budgets now available for review.

Click here to see the budgets.

You'll love to see the February council agenda and the January minutes

Coming up Tuesday, Feb. 11, the Felsenthal Town Council will hear that the grant to repair office floors fell through, that three companies have placed bids for the water tower repair, breamfest, water and sewer fund audits and more. See the agenda. In the January meeting the council talked about insurance cards, vacating a street, breamfest and financial supports. See the minutes.

2019 and proposed 2020 Felsenthal budgets ready for review

State law mandates that municipal budgets be made available for public viewing. In compliance with this law, click here to see the 2019 final and 2020 proposed Felsenthal budgets.

Happy New Year – See the Jan. 14 council meeting agenda and the Dec. 10 minutes

Tuesday's meeting will be livened with discussions of signature cards, vacating a part of 13th St., the never ending search for grant money and Breamfest 2020. See the Jan. 14, 2020 agenda here. The December 10 minutes recount the water tower and pump reports and other scintillating municipal discourse.

Minutes from November council meeting and the December meeting agenda available

Proceedings from the Nov. 12 Felsenthal Town Council meeting are available for all to see here. Read about the water tank cleaning and repair, and bids repairs in small rooms in the town hall. You may similarly discover what's on tap for the Dec. 10 council meeting. Click here. You'll see plans to discuss funds for repairs to the pump house and water tower, the 1/2% proposed sales tax and salary increases.

September council minutes and August agenda await inquiring minds. Just clicks away.

Just in case you missed the Sept. 2019 meeting of the Felsenthal Town Council, all is revealed, including discussions about paving, the siren, bank accounts, the water tower cleaning, the U alley issue and more – in the meeting minutes, click here. If you are curious about what will transpire in the Oct. 8 meeting, take a gander at the agenda for that meeting here.

August council minutes and September agenda now available

The proceedings of the August, 2019 Felsenthal Town Council meeting are now available as meeting minutes, click here for the minutes. You'll see information on storm sirens, bank fees, talk about street improvements and our water tank cleaning. Similarly, you can get a glimpse of what the council will discuss for the Sept. 10 meeting by looking at this agenda.

July minutes and August agenda ready to view

The council approved renewal of the Arkansas Municipal League Vehicle and Property Program. The council also approved submitting a credit application to RealDyne Hill Oil for future orders. The council also reviewed and approved the June 11 financial reports, adjourned and individually went to the house. See the minutes of the meeting here, and the August agenda here.

June minutes and July agenda for all to see

Council member Mary Seymore gave an update on the final results of the 2019 Felsenthal Bream Festival. See the winners of the fishing tournament and BBQ Rib Cookoff here. She reported that she had received much positive feedback on the event. Mayor Newbury announced that the town has received grant funds to add phone capability to the Felsenthal storm siren system. Work is to be done for this project June 25. There was also discussion on abandoning the 13th Street behind First Baptist Church. More to come on this. The water CCR report was received. Find the report here. The agenda for the July council meeting is here.

May minutes and June agenda now available

The agenda fo the June 11 meeting is now available for on-line reading or download. Of note on the agenda is notification that the town received grant money for our storm siren status. Similarly the minutes for the May 14 meeting are now available for on-line reading or download. The minutes document the swearing in of Mary Seymore to serve out the remaining term of recently retired Alderman Bill Clawson. Other details of town government are also available in the minutes.

2018 Annual Drinking Water Report now available

The Felsenthal Water Association 2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report from the Arkansas Department of Health is now available. Click here to read or download a copy of the report - or drop by the town hall for a hard copy.

April Felsenthal Town Council meeting minutes and May agenda are available

During the April council meeting Mayor Newbury reported that the new "Positive Pay" services at Simmons Bank are up and running smoothly. David Culp, our Public Works Superintendent reported that he has received three bids to inspect and clean the town's water tower. We are also looking for a new source of computer service the mayor is wanting to get a historical preservation project for the town. See the details in the April minutes here. Find out what's on tap for the May meeting agenda here.

March council minutes and April meeting agenda are here for all to see

The Felsenthal Town Council met on March 12. They heard a report from Mayor Newbury that the process of setting the Municipal League recommended "Postive Pay" system at Simmons Bank is under way. This procedure ads a serious levell of security to the town's financial transactions. Also the mayor reported that information for a siren phone-in system grant has been turned in to the SW Planning and Development District. See the March minutes here. Take a gander at the April council agenda here.

February town council minutes and March agenda now available

The February Felsenthal Town Council meeting included several issues important to our community. A fradulent check was drawn on the Water Fund. Simmons Bank reimbursed the town and made some recommendations to participate in "Positive Pay," an automated fraud protection program recommended by the Arkansas Municipal League. The council discussed improvments in the siren system. The Breamfest Committee attended the meeting and told of their plans for the 2019 event. Get all the details of the meeting here. Find out what's on tap for the March meeting here.

Check out the minutes for the January 2019 council meeting

Before getting down to business, all newly elected officals were propperly sworn in by Mr, Johnny Burson. The deal is done on the sale of property on First Street and will close as soon as the town collects its money on the transaction. The mayor received information about possible updates to the siren system. One of the possibilities is automatic siren activation from the national weather service. See the minutes for the January council meeting here and the agenda for the February meeting here.

The last minutes from 2018 and the first agenda of 2019 are now on-line

Minutes from the last council meeting in 2018 and the agenda for the first meeting are now on this site for all to see, including any one on the planet who can connect to the internet. In December the 2019 budget was under construction. At the January 8 meeting the final product will be up for approval. The council sold the town's interest in some land. Also, all of the folks you elected to serve in Felsenthal's local government will be sworn in. Medical Center of South Arkansas has a new program concerning the Opioid addition problem. To refer someone or one’s self for treatment call 870-863-2491.

felsenthal town hall
The Felsental Town Hall.

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