Welcome to Felsenthal, Arkansas 71747, in the Big Middle of "The Really-Great Outdoors"
Really-Great Outdoors


The 2011 Felsenthal Bream Fest
A great success!

And the winners are:

Beauty Pageant

  • Baby Miss
    Winner Keely Miss
    1st Runner Up Mandy Nicole Dolden
    2nd Runner Up Addilynn Grace Clark
  • Baby Mr.
    Winner Konnor Tate Davis
  • Infant Miss
    Winner Natalie Nicole Crawford
    1st Runner Up Madelyn Massey
    2nd Runner Up Kylie Grace Ward
  • Infant Mr.
    Winner Eli Gene Saulsbury
  • Toddler Miss
    Winner Kayla Leann Harvey
    1st Runner Up Bethany Grace Austin
    2nd Runner Up Kiera Lynn Frisby
  • Toddler Mr.
    Mr. Winner Trapper Tippen
    1st Runner Up Asher Rice
  • Tiny Miss
    Winner Lainey Tippen
    1st Runner Up Pyper Lane Smith
    2nd Runner Up Lilly Reeves
  • Tiny Mr.
    Winner Gage Everett Russell
  • Petite Miss
    Winner Skylar Madison Prim
    1st Runner Up Anna Grace Langston
    2nd Runner Up Josie Lynn George
  • Deb Miss
    Winner Carrie Beevers
    1st Runner Up Kayla Young
    2nd Runner Up Halie Reanne Norwood
  • Teen Miss
    Winner Brittany Patrick
    1st Runner Up Alexandra Nolan
    2nd Runner Up Laine MaKenzie Burson
  • Miss
    Winner Kassidy Meshell

Bream Tournament

  • 1. Charles O'Gwin & Michael Dixon - 9.88
  • 2. Shelby A. Ward III & Clint Pile - 8.50
  • 3. David Short, Ken Short & Dakota Short - 8.49
  • Youth Biggest Bream
    Masy Eads & David Golman - .58
  • Smallest Bream
    L. David Short - .50

fishing boats

girls in pageant

Thanks to all who entered the pageant and tournament.

Click here to see Bream Fest pictures

Thanks to the corps of volunteers
who worked tirelessly to make it happen:

  • Ed and Jerri Henson
  • Hallie Pratt
  • Rhonda Pill
  • Courtney Moon
  • Virginia Harris
  • Krystal Wooten
  • Chris Ball & Anissa
  • Morgan Langston
  • Marvin, Nick, and Dylan Matthews
  • Becky Toney
  • Ashley King
  • JoAnn Dollar
  • Strong High School Cheerleaders
  • Anni Sutherlin
  • Felicia Woods Taylor
  • Stacy & Adam Johnson
  • Kevin Darden
  • Misty Russell

felsenthal town hall
The Felsental Town Hall.

We are Felsenthal, Arkansas, next door to the Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge — covering 65,000 acres in Ashley, Bradley and Union Counties in south Arkansas. Grand Marais Lake  is in our back yard.

Felsenthal NWR is the world's largest green-tree reservoir. The Refuge offers hiking trails, fishing, wildlife observation photography, hunting, including youth hunts, environmental education and interpretation, and camping. Click here for Felsenthal NWR fact sheet.

For our visitors and friends: In the next few weeks we will develop this site to let you and the rest of the world find out about how much fun you can have here, about our history, our outdoor sports and our events. We are a friendly Southern town and love company. Y'all come.

For home folks: Get local information:

Click here to email us. Call us at 870.943.2454